If you’re running an eCommerce business, you’ve probably heard of ShipBob. A cloud-based logistics platform, it offers expedited two-day shipping, integrates with a number of eCommerce platforms, and charges per shipping and receiving transaction. Learn what ShipBob can do for your business. And get started today! We’ve gathered some facts about the company’s pick-and-pack warehousing solution and fulfillment services to help you decide whether it’s right for you.


ShipBob is a cloud-based logistics platform

Using ShipBob is easy: the cloud-based software backs up all of your data automatically. If something ever happens to your computer, all you have to do is find the file in the cloud. ShipBob also helps you manage inventory – too much inventory could mean dead stock, and too little would mean missed sales. By monitoring inventory, you can optimize your supply chain and maximize your profits.

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You can start using ShipBob today for free, and after you’ve signed up, you can start receiving inventory and warehousing your products. After that, you’ll be able to start shipping each of your orders. You’ll have access to detailed pricing information. ShipBob also provides support. If you have any questions, you can contact them. They’re available 24/7.

In addition to facilitating the shipping process, ShipBob helps merchants monitor operational KPIs and compare service provider performance against agreed SLA commitments. Its full-stack approach allows it to customize its product offerings for merchants. In the first year of operations, ShipBob has experienced significant growth, and is working with more than 5,000 ecommerce brands. If you’re looking for a cloud-based logistics platform, then ShipBob is the way to go.

The company is a US-based cloud-based logistics platform. With the $200 million Series E funding, it’s valued at $1 billion. The company plans to use the funds to scale its global fulfillment network and enhance its omnichannel commerce capabilities. ShipBob is led by Bain Capital Ventures, with participation from Menlo Ventures and SoftBank. This round of financing comes at a time when ShipBob is aiming to grow into a profitable company.


It offers expedited two-day shipping

If you have a business, or just want to sell more online, you may be wondering whether or not ShipBob offers expedited two-day shipping. This third-party shipping and handling provider specializes in sending items faster. They work with over 220 countries and have fulfilment centers in Chicago, Brooklyn, and Los Angeles. You’ll also benefit from discounts that ShipBob has negotiated with shipping carriers. And since they offer expedited two-day shipping, you can easily ship larger orders without worrying about handling costs or affecting shipping times.

ShipBob’s two-day express program provides fast delivery for all orders within the continental United States. It is available for any ShipBob ecommerce store integration, and it reduces cart abandonment by 18%. It also improves average order value by 97%. This service is an excellent choice if you’re trying to keep up with the expectations of your customers. ShipBob’s multiple warehousing locations mean that last-mile delivery times can be significantly reduced.

ShipBob offers expedited two-day shipping at very affordable rates, even if you don’t have a large business. Its cloud-based platform offers the ability to monitor inventory in real time, forecast business, and even process returns. And with real-time data, it’s easy to make smart decisions. Its cloud-based inventory management solution helps you keep your business running smoothly by allowing you to divide your inventory across multiple fulfillment centers.


It integrates with many eCommerce platforms

Shipping from a warehouse to an online shop can be a complicated process, but ShipBob makes the entire process easy. Its open API allows it to integrate with numerous eCommerce platforms. You can sell almost any product, from clothing to software, and integrate with ShipBob to increase your efficiency. ShipBob also integrates with Backerkit, which is a web-based shipping software for online retailers.

With a single, centralized dashboard, ShipBob provides complete visibility into inventory and shipping costs across multiple ecommerce stores and fulfillment centers. ShipBob automatically syncs with your ecommerce stores and fulfillment centers, enabling you to see inventory levels at a glance. ShipBob also notifies you when you run low on inventory, and it allows you to transfer inventory from one warehouse to another.

The service also offers many integrations with popular eCommerce platforms, including Magento and BigCommerce. With an ever-growing list of retail partners, Shipbob is a great option for merchants. Those with a larger store can try the service for free with their first shipment and get a free trial account. This allows merchants to see the benefits and limitations of the service before committing. And if you’re a first-time customer, there’s no need to worry; ShipBob can handle the bulk of your shipping needs.

Besides providing seamless integrations, ShipBob also offers direct merchant assistance and social media pages. A user portal on the ShipBob website lets merchants manage their returns with ease. Customers are provided with a return link and can generate a label themselves without contacting the merchant. It also gives merchants the ability to track returns and make adjustments to their return policy as necessary. Lastly, ShipBob integrates with most popular marketplaces and ecommerce platforms.


It charges for receiving, storage and shipping

Although the overall cost of receiving, warehousing and shipping your products is high, ShipBob’s pricing model simplifies things by only charging for the time it takes to receive, process and ship each order. You can see all of the costs at a glance by using the pricing calculator in your dashboard. There is no minimum monthly order threshold or setup fee, and you can start accepting orders right away. Shipping and receiving inventory are free for the first two hours, but each additional hour costs you $20.

While many online shipping companies charge per pick and pack, you can choose to waive this fee when ordering less than five items. However, the cost of packing materials and shipping fees are included in the order fee, which makes customization a bit tricky. This is especially true if you are shipping a large amount of product or have a large order. It can also be difficult to customize your order with ShipBob because their website doesn’t have an online price calculator.

ShipBob has a unique Retailer Dropshipping service that lets sellers sell products from big-box stores without the burden of maintaining inventory. ShipBob then ships the items directly to the customer. This is a great feature that allows small businesses to maximize their profits. Unlike many fulfillment services, ShipBob also has a dedicated account manager that can help with any questions, and provides consulting for your business expansion.


It offers EDI-automated workflows

EDI-automated workflows have multiple benefits to an ecommerce fulfillment company. This type of automation streamlines the processes involved in order fulfillment, including the tracking of shipments and the management of order details. With EDI, businesses can eliminate manual data entry and improve the accuracy of communication between departments. These features can reduce the time and cost associated with manual data entry. EDI can also help improve inventory management.

With a solution like ShipBob, fulfillment of orders for B2B retailers is automated and scalable. With an EDI-automated workflow and retailer-compliant packing slips, retailers can fulfill orders for end customers or place inventory in storefront locations. Shipbob works with multiple EDI providers and supports EDI compliance. It can automate all the process from order management to third-party shipping.

Traditional EDI solutions involve hiring in-house resources to set up and configure them. There’s a high upfront cost involved with in-house resources. Not to mention the additional overhead costs associated with staffing and maintaining multiple systems. And as your business grows, you’ll likely need to upgrade your software at least once. Shipbob offers EDI-automated workflows for all major retailers.

While a logistics provider, ShipBob’s infrastructure makes onboarding new retail partners easier and faster. The partnership between SPS Commerce and ShipBob can help new companies onboard with SPS Commerce in record time. Other similar providers take months to do this. For example, Mitch is a Logistics Account Executive at SPS Commerce. He has worked in logistics for 7 years and is able to align resources through their network partnership.


It reduces abandonment of carts

When you consider shipping costs, you might wonder how ShipBob reduces cart abandonment. In fact, shipping costs are a major reason why many shoppers abandon carts. Fortunately, shipping costs can be significantly lowered by a variety of methods, including distributing inventory and introducing minimum-spend policies. This way, your customers will leave fewer carts, increasing your conversion rates and revenue. A recent case study shows that a weighted blanket company saw a 18% decrease in cart abandonment after using ShipBob.

For growing ecommerce businesses, fulfillment can be a pain point. In-house fulfillment becomes increasingly complex as the business grows, and a 3PL can be a great solution. ShipBob connects to an ecommerce platform in a matter of minutes, picking, packing, and shipping the order automatically, all while sending ecommerce tracking info to customers. For online retailers, ShipBob can help you avoid these problems.

The 2-Day Express program by ShipBob enables merchants to deliver orders within two days to anywhere in the continental US. Any ecommerce store integration with ShipBob can be made eligible for this program. This program reduces cart abandonment by 18%, and improves average order value by 97%. As shipping costs rise, customer expectations for speed and convenience are growing as well. Using ShipBob’s 2Day Express program can help you meet these expectations and grow faster than ever before.

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