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Kuwait Post Track Trace

Last Updated: Nov 23, 2023

Kuwait Post can help you acquire bought products from the supplier to your street address. For that reason, your package is designated a tracking number, which allows it to be identified. You will be able to obtain the tracking number on the merchant’s site.

Need Some Help With Kuwait Post Tracking?

Kuwait Post makes it possible to get your bought products sent from the vendor to your location Your product is provided a specific tracking number so it will get identifiable. The tracking number should be available for you off the vendor’s application or site. You should be able to locate the tracking number upon the merchant’s web site or mobile phone app. Once you have it, enter it in the box at the top of this web page, click the button, and your  Kuwait Post freight is going to be tracked.

Examples: Y0084838637

Package tracking (generally known as package logging) is the method of unearthing shipment storage containers, postal mail, and parcel post at numerous phases through organizing, storage, and delivery of packages to be able to verify their unique origin, foresee shipment, and aid shipment.

Previously, parcel tracking was popular among consumers mainly because it exposed the parcel’s position and anticipated arrival date and time. Because mail distribution often incorporated different transport companies operating underneath varied weather conditions, it absolutely was vital to feature this data on hand any time a parcel went missing.

Track & Trace My Parcel allows you to keep a record of your parcel’s delivery status. And regional transportation organizations it contains many of the international transport companies. You should e-mail us if we don’t have your shipping courier service shown yet so we can add it. Utilize forms on top of this site to track and trace a delivery.

Explore the essential information about Kuwait Post’s shipping services, delivery details, and customer support.

Shipping Rates: For detailed shipping rates, please visit: Kuwait Post Shipping Rates.

Customer Service Contact: Reach us at 1880545 for any inquiries or assistance.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on Kuwait Post


  • Delivery Partners: Kuwait Post has collaborated with Sail Shipping and Logistic Service Co. for local deliveries within Kuwait.
  • Delivery Schedule: Shipments are delivered promptly upon arrival in Kuwait. A declaration form from SSLS is required for delivery and customs clearance. In case of delays, contact our customer service at 1880545.
  • Delivery Hours: Our delivery service operates from 9 AM to 9 PM.
  • Delivery Charges: There are charges for delivery, which include pre-clearance and customs release.
  • Undelivered Shipments: If your shipment hasn’t arrived, use the track and trace feature. For further assistance, contact our customer service team.
  • Reasons for Delivery Delays: Delays might occur due to customs clearance processes, weather events, or other unforeseen circumstances. Delivery times vary by destination, ranging from 2-3 days for neighboring countries to up to 20 days for distant ones.
  • Address Changes: You can change your delivery address once your shipment arrives in Kuwait through a provided link or by editing your profile online. Alternatively, contact our customer service for assistance.
  • Changing Delivery Day: It’s not possible to change the delivery day or time once the shipment has been dispatched.

For comprehensive shipping solutions and support, Kuwait Post is dedicated to ensuring your parcels are handled with care and efficiency. Contact their customer service for any additional questions or visit their website for more information.

Shipping Charges

Get to know more about Kuwait Post’s services, charges, and policies with these updated FAQs.

  • Charges for International Export:
    • Finding Charges: Discover the charges for international export by visiting the pricing section on our home page.
  • Calculation of International Orders from Kuwait:
    • Components of Charges: The total cost for international orders includes postage stamps, pick-up, and packaging fees.
  • Insurance Availability:
    • Coverage Details: Insurance is available exclusively for international shipments originating from Kuwait.
  • Refund Policy and Conditions:
    • Types of Refunds:
      1. Customs Hold: No refund claim is possible if items are held by customs at the destination.
      2. Damage or Loss: Refunds can be claimed for damages or loss occurring from the point of pick-up to the airport.
  • Payment Methods:
    • Procedure: Payments are processed through links provided by Kuwait Post. Please note, cash payments are not accepted at the time of pick-up or collection of shipments.

For more detailed information or specific inquiries, please visit the Kuwait Post website or contact their customer service team. They’re here to assist you with all your shipping needs.

Customer Service

  • Contacting Customer Service:

    • Options Available: Connect with our customer service through our automated bot services, email us at kuwaitpost.moc.gov.kw, or call us at 1880545 for direct assistance.
  • Speaking with a Representative:

    • Direct Contact: To speak with a customer service representative, dial 1880545 for prompt support.
  • Availability of Customer Support:

    • Dedicated Team: Kuwait Post boasts a top-tier, Kuwait-based customer support team, committed to addressing the diverse needs of our clients. We also provide localized support as needed.
  • Handling Address Exceptions and Contacting Consignees:

    • Exception Handling: Partnering with premier delivery and customer service teams, including SSLS, Kuwait Post ensures exceptional service quality. For issues like incorrect addresses or other exceptions, our dedicated customer service team endeavors to deliver your products right to your doorstep.

Pick Up and Collection

  • List of Prohibited Items:

  • Booking a Pick-Up Appointment:

    • How to Book: Schedule a pick-up appointment through the service section on our website at Kuwait Post Services. If you encounter any issues, please contact our customer service team for assistance.
  • Charges for Packing:

    • Packing Rates:
      • Large Size Carton (16kg – 30kg): KWD 1/- Dinar
      • Medium Size Carton (5kg – 15kg): KWD 0.750 fils
      • Small Size Carton (Up to 5kg): KWD 0.500 fils
      • Flyers (Plastic Envelopes) (Up to 2kg): KWD 0.250 fils