LaserShip Tracking

Date Published: November 23, 2021 – Date Updated: April 7, 2023

LaserShip tracking is a leading regional last-mile delivery company in the United States, providing fast, efficient, and cost-effective shipping solutions for e-commerce businesses, retailers, and consumers.

Founded in 1986, LaserShip has grown significantly across multiple Eastern and Midwestern U.S. states.

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LaserShip primarily focuses on time-sensitive parcel deliveries, including same-day, next-day, and two-day shipping services. The company has built a vast network of delivery hubs and utilizes advanced technology to streamline the entire shipping process.

Their ability to provide quick and reliable delivery services has made it a popular choice for businesses requiring efficient shipping options, especially online retailers.

One of the key features offered by LaserShip is its comprehensive package tracking system, which allows customers to monitor the progress of their shipments in real time. This ensures transparency and peace of mind for both the sender and the recipient of the package.

How LaserShip Tracking Works

LaserShip tracking is designed to provide customers with real-time information about the status of their packages throughout the entire shipping process.

The tracking system leverages advanced technology and a vast network of delivery hubs to ensure smooth and transparent tracking.

Here’s an overview of how LaserShip tracking works:

Generating a tracking number: When a package is shipped via LaserShip, a unique tracking number is generated and assigned to the shipment. This tracking number is provided to both the sender and the recipient, allowing them to monitor the package’s progress.

Scanning and updating the package status: As the package moves through LaserShip’s network, it is scanned at various checkpoints, such as when it is picked up, when it arrives at a distribution center, and when it is out for delivery.

Each time the package is scanned, the tracking status is updated in the system, providing real-time information about the location and progress of the shipment.

Real-time tracking information: Customers can use their tracking number to access the latest information about their package on the LaserShip website or mobile app.

The tracking system provides detailed updates on the package’s status, such as “In Transit,” “Out for Delivery,” and “Delivered.” Additionally, estimated delivery times are provided to help customers plan for the arrival of their packages.

SMS and email notifications: LaserShip offers SMS and email notifications to keep customers informed about their package’s progress. Customers can sign up for these notifications to receive timely updates about their shipment, including any changes to the delivery schedule or potential delays.

Proof of delivery: Once the package has been successfully delivered, the tracking system will display a “Delivered” status along with the date and time of delivery. Sometimes, a signature may be required to prove delivery, ensuring that the intended recipient has received the package.

Benefits of LaserShip Tracking

LaserShip tracking offers several benefits that enhance the shipping experience for both senders and recipients.

Some of the key benefits include:

  1. Real-time tracking updates: The tracking system provides real-time information about the status and location of the package, giving customers peace of mind and helping them stay informed about their shipment’s progress.
  2. Estimated delivery time: LaserShip’s tracking system offers an estimated delivery time for each package, allowing customers to plan accordingly and make necessary arrangements for receiving their shipment.
  3. Proof of delivery: The tracking system will display a “Delivered” status once the package has been successfully delivered, often including the date and time of delivery. Sometimes, a signature may be required to prove delivery, ensuring that the intended recipient has received the package.
  4. SMS and email notifications: Customers can sign up for SMS and email notifications to receive updates about their shipment, including any changes to the delivery schedule or potential delays. These notifications help customers stay informed about their package’s progress and make necessary arrangements in case of any unexpected changes.
  5. Increased transparency: LaserShip tracking allows customers to monitor their packages throughout the shipping process, ensuring transparency and building trust between the sender, the recipient, and the delivery service.
  6. Efficient communication: Tracking information helps customers communicate more effectively with LaserShip’s customer support. It enables them to provide accurate information about their shipment’s status when seeking assistance or resolving issues.
  7. Greater control: LaserShip tracking gives customers greater control over their shipping experience by providing detailed information about their package’s progress, helping them make informed decisions about the delivery process.

Common Tracking Statuses and What They Mean

LaserShip tracking provides various statuses to help customers understand the progress of their packages.

Here are some common tracking statuses and their meanings:

In Transit: This status indicates that the package is coming to the destination. LaserShip has picked it up and is moving through the courier’s distribution centers and delivery hubs network.

Out for Delivery: The package has reached the local delivery hub and has been assigned to a delivery driver. This status means the package will likely be delivered on the same day, depending on the delivery schedule.

Delivered: The package has been successfully delivered to the recipient’s address. The date and time of delivery will be provided, and in some cases, a signature may be required as proof of delivery.

Delayed or Exception: This status indicates an issue or delays with the package’s delivery. The cause could be weather, traffic, incorrect address information, or other unforeseen circumstances. Additional details will be provided in the tracking system to explain the reason for the delay.

Attempted Delivery: The delivery driver attempted to deliver the package, but the recipient was unavailable, or the package could not be left at the location. A notice may contain information about the next delivery attempt or instructions for picking up the package at a local facility.

Returned to Sender: The package could not be delivered to the recipient’s address and is being returned to the sender. This status typically occurs if the recipient’s address is incorrect or incomplete or the package was unclaimed after multiple delivery attempts.

Package Received by Carrier: This status indicates that LaserShip has received the package from the sender and is preparing to ship it to the recipient. The package is not yet in transit but should be short.

Package Picked Up by Carrier: LaserShip has picked up the package from the sender and initiated the shipping process. The package is now officially in transit.

Troubleshooting Common Tracking Issues

While LaserShip tracking aims to provide a smooth and transparent shipping experience, customers may sometimes encounter issues with the tracking process. Some common tracking issues and how to troubleshoot them are listed below.

Package not found or tracking not updating: If the tracking system shows “Package not found” or the tracking information has not been updated for an extended period, consider the following:

  • Allow time for the tracking system to update, as it may take a few hours after LaserShip picks up the package.
  • Double-check the tracking number for any typos or errors. Ensure you are using the correct number provided by the sender or LaserShip.
  • If the issue persists, contact the sender to confirm that the package has been shipped and the correct tracking number has been provided. If necessary, contact LaserShip customer support for assistance.

Delayed or missed delivery: If the tracking information shows a delay or the package has not been delivered within the expected timeframe, consider the following steps:

  • Check the tracking information for any updates or explanations regarding the delay (e.g., weather, incorrect address, or other issues).
  • If the tracking shows “Attempted Delivery,” look for a notice left by the delivery driver with information about the next delivery attempt or instructions for picking up the package at a local facility.
  • Contact LaserShip customer support if the issue persists or need further clarification or assistance.

Package marked as delivered but not received: If the tracking system shows that the package has been delivered, but you have not received it, consider the following steps:

  • Check around the delivery location for the package, as it may have been left in a hidden or secure area.
  • Ask neighbors, family members, or building management if they have received the package on your behalf.
  • Review the tracking information to confirm the delivery address and check for discrepancies.
  • If you still cannot locate the package after taking these steps, contact LaserShip customer support to report the issue and seek further assistance.

Remember that LaserShip’s customer support team can help you track issues or concerns. Contact them with your tracking number and relevant information to ensure a quick resolution.

Tips for a Smooth LaserShip Delivery

To ensure a smooth and successful LaserShip delivery experience, follow these helpful tips:

Provide accurate shipping information: Double-check the recipient’s address, contact details, and special instructions before finalizing the shipment. Accurate information helps avoid delays and ensures the package reaches the intended recipient.

Sign up for delivery notifications: Register for SMS or email notifications to receive updates about your package’s progress, including any changes to the delivery schedule or potential delays. Staying informed will help you make necessary arrangements and address issues promptly.

Arrange for someone to receive the package if you are unavailable: If you expect to be unavailable during the delivery window, ask a neighbor, family member, or friend to receive the package on your behalf. This will help avoid missed deliveries and the need for multiple delivery attempts.

Communicate with the courier if necessary: If you have any concerns or special requests regarding the delivery, contact LaserShip customer support or leave a note for the delivery driver with specific instructions. Clear communication can help ensure a smooth delivery process.

Track your package regularly: Monitor your package’s progress through the LaserShip tracking system to stay informed about its status and estimated delivery time. Being aware of the package’s expected arrival time will assist you in preparing for it and promptly addressing any potential problems.

Verify the delivery address: Double-check the delivery address for accuracy and completeness before placing an order or sending a package. Using this will prevent delays caused by having incorrect or incomplete address information.

Be prepared for weather-related delays: During severe weather events, deliveries may be delayed or rescheduled to ensure the safety of the delivery drivers. Keep an eye on local weather conditions and be prepared for potential delays during these times.

LaserShip Contact Details

To help customers track their packages, resolve issues, or get assistance with any aspect of the delivery process, LaserShip offers several ways to get in touch.

The company’s official website,, serves as a one-stop resource for tracking packages, finding information about the company’s services, and accessing support.

Boasting an impressive average package delivery time of just 3 days, LaserShip ensures quick and secure shipments for e-commerce businesses, retailers, and consumers.

End of Line

LaserShip provides efficient and reliable last-mile delivery services to customers across the Eastern and Midwestern United States.

With its advanced tracking system, transparent shipping process, and dedicated customer support, LaserShip aims to make the entire delivery experience as smooth and hassle-free as possible.