LBC Express Tracking

Last Update: Nov 23, 2023

Experience the swiftest and most reliable air cargo service from the USA to the Philippines with LBC Express. We understand the importance of staying connected with family and loved ones, especially for Filipinos living and working abroad. With LBC’s air cargo solutions, you can quickly and securely send packages, parcels, and important documents back home, ensuring you’re always part of every special occasion.

Key Features of LBC Air Cargo Services

  • Speedy Delivery: Our air cargo service is designed to transport your packages, from Balikbayan boxes to unique items, swiftly and efficiently to the Philippines.
  • Wide Coverage: Whether it’s for urgent documents or exclusive US products, LBC covers all your shipping needs from any location in the USA.
  • Special Occasions Service: We specialize in timely deliveries for birthdays, graduations, Christmas, and other significant events, ensuring your presence is felt during family celebrations.
  • Competitive Rates: Enjoy the best air cargo rates to the Philippines without compromising on service quality.

LBC Express Track Trace

LBC Express is really a delivery service which helps you in getting your merchandise shipped from the retailer to the location. A tracking number is assigned to your delivery so it can be tracked down. The supplement owner’s web page will include the tracking number.

Need Some Help With LBC Express Tracking?

LBC Express assists you in having your bought merchandise delivered directly from the seller to your location. Your product is given a tracking number so it will get identifiable. The tracking number ought to be available for you on the product owner’s app or web page. You should be able to discover the tracking number upon the vendor’s internet site or mobile phone application. See your orders, find the order that’s delivered by LBC Express , and review the order’s information. You’ll both discover the LBC Express  tracking number or perhaps a link/button that will you to track and trace  LBC Express order.

Package tracking and tracing (also called box logging) is the method of unearthing shipping containers, postal mail, and parcel post at many phases during organizing, storage, and shipment of parcels to be able to verify their source, predict shipment, and aid delivery.

Examples: Y0084838637

Before, box tracking was popular among consumers since it uncovered the product’s locale and probable delivery date and time. Because mail transport normally involved various transport companies working underneath different weather conditions, it was subsequently necessary to obtain this information readily available if the parcel went astray.

Track & Trace My Parcel makes it simple to keep an eye on your package’s location. Along with local shipment organizations it contains most of the overseas transport companies. Be sure to contact us if we don’t have your shipping courier service detailed yet so we can include it. Use the forms on top of this site to track and trace a shipment.

How to Send a Package with LBC

Branch Visit: Simply drop by at any LBC branch or partner agent.

Personal and Recipient Details: Provide essential details like names, addresses, and contact numbers.

Secure Packaging: Our associates ensure your package is securely sealed and ready for shipment.

Home Pickup Option: Opt for convenient home or office pickup by filling out the LBC Online Booking form.

Flexible Packaging Solutions

LBC offers a variety of receptacle sizes and pouches to accommodate any package size. We prioritize the security of your shipment, ensuring each package meets our 3-point security checklist.

Important Shipping Guidelines

  • A complete and signed packing list is mandatory for all shipments.
  • Familiarize yourself with our list of prohibited items to ensure compliance.

LBC’s Liability and Insurance Coverage

  • Our liability for loss or damage varies depending on the US region, ranging from $100 to $300.
  • We offer insurance up to $3,000 per shipment, with automatic coverage included and additional coverage available for purchase.

Handling Fees and Taxable Items

Please note that certain items, like electronics and appliances, may incur handling fees due to their dutiable nature. Some items are also taxable, so it’s important to be aware of these additional charges.

Choose LBC Express for your air cargo shipping needs from the USA to the Philippines and enjoy peace of mind with our efficient, reliable, and affordable services. Visit their website to learn more and book your shipment today!

LBC Remittance: Frequently Asked Questions

LBC Express, a leader in money remittance services, addresses common queries in this comprehensive FAQ guide. For additional questions or feedback, please reach out to us at

Sending Money with LBC Express

  • Requirements for Sending Money: To use our cash padala services, you need the cash amount, a valid ID, and for Instant Peso Padala, a mobile phone to send the tracking number to the recipient.
  • Eligibility for Sending Money: Anyone with a valid ID and a mobile phone can utilize LBC’s money sending services across our extensive branch network.

Receiving Money Through LBC

  • Claiming Remittances: Valid identification is necessary for all receivers to claim money. For Instant Peso Padala, the transaction number sent via SMS or messaging apps (Viber, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram) is required.

Understanding LBC’s Remittance Services

  • Instant Peso Padala: Offers same-day money transfer, available for pickup at any LBC branch in the Philippines.
  • Instant Peso Padala Online: An online, contactless remittance service. Transactions are completed via our website with payments made to designated LBC bank accounts.
  • Instant Peso Padala International: Enables quick money transfers from the Philippines to international locations, available at LBC branches or remittance partners abroad.
  • Remit to Account: Directly sends money to the recipient’s bank account, with a typical processing time of one day.
  • PesoPak Door to Door: A courier service delivering remittances directly to the recipient’s doorstep, ideal for those unable to visit an LBC branch.

Quick and Convenient Remittances

  • Speed of Instant Peso Padala: This service ensures quick transactions, allowing recipients to receive money within minutes.
  • Applying for Remit to Account: Ideal for customers who prefer direct bank deposits for their recipients, avoiding the need for bank queues or deposits.
  • Utilizing PesoPak Door to Door: Designed for recipients unable to access LBC branches, including senior citizens and those with limited mobility.

Additional Information

  • Expiry of Money Remittances: Remittances don’t expire but incur administrative fees after 30 days.
  • Tracking Number Importance: Essential for tracking remittances, a unique number is provided for each transaction.
  • International Sending Limitations: Currently, our services do not support sending money from the Philippines to other countries.

LBC Express Guide: How to Send and Receive Money Efficiently

Sending and receiving money through LBC Express is a straightforward and secure process. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you navigate our services efficiently.

Sending Money with LBC Express

Initiating the Process: Visit any LBC branch and complete a Money Remittance Form. Choose from our three main remittance services: Instant Peso Padala, Remit to Account, and PesoPak Door to Door.

Completing the Transaction: Hand in the completed form, the cash amount for remittance, and pay the necessary fees.

Finalizing and Tracking: Our staff will process your transaction and provide a receipt, which includes a Tracking Number. This number is essential for the receiver to claim the money.

Note for First-Time Senders: New customers will be asked to fill out an LBC Express membership form, streamlining future transactions.

Receiving Money through LBC Express

Starting the Claim Process: Visit an LBC branch and fill out an Encashment Form, ensuring you have the transaction’s Tracking Number.

Verification and ID Submission: Present the form along with a valid ID for verification.

Receiving Your Money: Our staff will verify the details and hand over the remitted amount, along with a receipt.

International Money Remittance to the Philippines

Global Reach: If you’re outside the Philippines, you can still send money via our extensive network of international money remittance partners and online services. Funds sent through these channels can be conveniently picked up at any LBC branch in the Philippines.