UMAC Express Cargo Tracking

Last Updated: Nov 27, 2023

UMAC Express Cargo Tracking, established in 1988 originally as FOREX CARGO, is recognized as the best freight forwarding company in the Philippines. This distinction stems from UMAC Express’s commitment to not taking shortcuts.

This approach was integral from the start, as the founders were aware of the hard work involved in the business. The primary goal was, and remains, to assist modern-day heroes working abroad in ensuring their hard-earned provisions reach their families in the Philippines.

Examples: Y0084838637

Over the years, UMAC Express has experienced significant growth and evolution in its operations. However, the fundamental motivation remains unchanged: aiding kababayans in ensuring the timely delivery of their balikbayan boxes to their loved ones. UMAC Express stands out in its service by maintaining direct control over the packages from pick-up abroad to delivery in the Philippines.

Unlike competitors, the shipment tracking company does not pass the packages to agents to save on costs. This practice ensures trust in UMAC Express, as the company takes full responsibility for every box.

They also adheres to strict regulations regarding the transport of items. The company does not carry commercial goods in large quantities (more than a dozen of any kind) and has a specific list of prohibited items. This list includes currency, firearms and ammunition, explosives, precious metals and stones, money orders, traveler’s checks, drugs, perishables, negotiable instruments in bearer form, and several other categories of items.

Additionally, the Philippines based carrier does not transport materials that are lewd, obscene, or pornographic, along with gambling paraphernalia, industrial carbons and diamonds, communication equipment, computers, combustible materials, motor vehicle parts, microwave ovens, or any property prohibited by law or regulation.

UMAC Tracking Number

Each shipment managed by UMAC, a distinguished player in the shipping and logistics sector, is assigned a unique UMAC tracking number. This alphanumeric code, also referred to as a UMAC cargo tracking number, is crucial for the real-time monitoring and tracking of shipments. It allows both customers and carriers to check the current status and location of their packages at any stage during the transportation process.

The availability of this tracking system provides customers with the assurance of being able to follow their shipment’s journey from the moment it is picked up until it is delivered.

The tracking number used by UMAC Cargo adheres to a specific format that combines both letters and numbers. This identifier, unique to each shipment, generally consists of 8 to 10 characters. The exact structure of the tracking number can vary, often depending on the service type and the shipment’s origin or destination.

Tracking is initiated once a shipment is registered with UMAC. Upon registration, the package is assigned a tracking number, which becomes linked to both the sender and recipient’s details, as well as information about the package’s contents. As the shipment progresses through various stages and checkpoints, its status is updated in the tracking system. This enables both customers and carriers to keep track of the shipment’s whereabouts and progress.

How to Track your UMAC Courier?

To track your parcel using a tracking number, follow these simple steps:

  1. Write down your tracking number and last name from the box.
  2. Open your web browser.
  3. Go to the website “UMAC Cargo“.
  4. In the tracking tool on the site, enter your last name and the tracking number.
  5. Click on the ‘Track Now’ button.
  6. After a brief wait, the shipping status of your parcel will be displayed on your screen.

UMAC Express Enquires

UMAC operates branches globally, each equipped with a helpline to assist you whenever needed. For any inquiries or assistance, you can directly contact the helpline of the respective UMAC branch. Here are the contact numbers for various international locations:

United States: 866-588-8622
New Zealand:
Singapore: +6567389695
Guam: 671-637-5618
Hong Kong: +852-2348-6080
Toronto: 416-298-8622
South Korea: +070-4739-7807

UMAC Express Delivery Time

UMAC Cargo generally delivers within a timeframe of 6 to 8 weeks. Current conditions in specific countries may, however, cause some delays beyond this estimated period.

UMAC Cargo prides itself on offering quicker shipping times compared to other transport companies, making it an ideal choice for sending gifts and luggage from abroad to the Philippines. Its reliability and speed are especially valued.

Among Filipinos, UMAC Cargo is recognized as a highly trusted and dependable freight company. With over two decades of service, the company has built a strong foundation of trust with its customers, continually striving to provide the utmost convenience and support.

UMAC Tracking Number Examples

Here are a couple of examples of tracking numbers for boxes:

  1. Tracking Number: UMTC357975
  2. Tracking Number: UUK652477

UMAC Express Cargo Prohibited Items

The cargo tracking company, adhering to regulations set by the US CBP and the Philippine Bureau of Customs, lists prohibited and restricted items that are illegal to ship via Balikbayan Box. These items include:

  • Absinthe (alcohol)
  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Dismantled Auto Parts (Chop chop)
  • Cultural artifacts and pottery
  • Dog and cat fur
  • Firearms, Explosives & Guns, including parts of
  • Food products such as cheese, meat
  • Hazardous Materials
  • Trophies, gold, Haitian
  • Meats, Livestock and poultry
  • Merchandise from embargoed countries
  • Textiles (roll)
  • Trademarked and copyrighted articles
  • Fluids and Perishable food items
  • Automobiles (any parts)
  • Biological substances
  • Ceramic tableware
  • Defense articles or items with military or proliferation applications
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Fish and wildlife
  • Fruits and vegetables
  • Game and hunting equipment
  • Animal hide drums
  • Medication
  • Pets, plants, seeds, and soils
  • Used clothing or shoes in commercial quantity (Ukayukay in bales / boxes)
  • Pornographic Materials

They emphasizes that all restricted items are subject to seizure and destruction. The shipper and consignee may face prosecution for attempting to ship these prohibited items.

UMAC Express Cargo Tracking informs its customers of additional regulations concerning the importation and exportation of specific products:

  • Defense Articles or Items with Military or Proliferation Applications: Items with dual commercial and military applications, including software, technology, blueprints, and technical information, require a license for export. This is in accordance with international defense trade controls.
  • Dog and Cat Fur: They highlight that in the United States, it is illegal to handle products containing dog or cat fur. Violations of the Dog and Cat Protection Act of 2000 may result in seizure of items and significant fines.
  • Drug Paraphernalia: The Cargo Tracking company advises that importing drug paraphernalia into the United States is illegal unless prescribed for medical conditions. Customs authorities will seize any illegal drug paraphernalia.
  • Firearms: Regulated by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF), importing or exporting firearms and ammunition requires dealing with a licensed importer, dealer, or manufacturer. Certain weapons may also require a Department of State license.
  • Fish and Wildlife: They recommend consulting the US Fish and Wildlife Service for restrictions on importing or exporting wildlife and related products, as they are subject to specific regulations and permits.
  • Food Products (Prepared): While some prepared food products like bakery items and certain cheeses are admissible in the United States, others like bush meat or items containing meat products are not. They suggest checking the APHIS Web site for detailed information.
  • Gold: Gold coins, medals, and bullion can be imported into the United States, except if they originate from certain prohibited countries, as per regulations administered by the Office of Foreign Assets Control.
  • Meats, Livestock, and Poultry: UMAC Express notes stringent regulations on importing meat and meat products into the United States, with many types being prohibited.
  • Medication: They advise travelers to carry only the necessary amount of medication, in original containers, with a prescription or doctor’s statement, especially if they contain potentially addictive drugs or narcotics.

UMAC Express emphasizes the importance of adhering to these regulations to ensure smooth and legal shipping practices.

The Cargo Tracking company informs its customers of specific U.S. regulations regarding the importation of controlled substances, textiles, clothing, and intellectual property:

  • Controlled Substances: U.S. residents entering the United States via international land borders with legally obtained controlled substances, excluding narcotics like marijuana, cocaine, heroin, or LSD, face specific requirements. Without a U.S.-licensed practitioner’s prescription, individuals are limited to importing no more than 50 dosage units of such medications. However, if a U.S. resident possesses a prescription from a DEA-registered practitioner, they may import more than 50 dosage units, as long as all other legal conditions are satisfied.
  • Textiles and Clothing: There is generally no limit on the amount of fabric and clothing U.S. residents can bring into the country for personal use or as gifts. However, exceeding personal exemption limits may result in duty charges. UMAC Express notes that unaccompanied personal shipments might face quantity restrictions.
  • Trademarked and Copyrighted Articles: They emphasize that U.S. Customs enforces laws protecting trademarks and copyrights. Articles violating federally registered trademarks or copyrights, or those protected by the Berne Convention for the Protection of Literary and Artistic Works, may be detained or seized. This includes articles using protected rights without authorization or those that copy or simulate such rights.

UMAC Express Cargo Tracking advises customers to adhere to these regulations to ensure compliant and trouble-free import experiences.

Branches of UMAC Express Cargo Tracking are as follows:

Philippines (Head Office)
Location: 130 Ipil St. Cor. Ipil Ext., Marikina Heights, Marikina City 1810
Hotline: +632-8-470-7872

United States

  • West Coast
    UMAC Forwarder Express (Los Angeles)
    Contact: Ronald Gatchalian
    Address: 14919 Gwenchris Ct., Paramount, CA 90723
    Phone: (866) 588-8622 / (562) 630-8622

UMAC Las Vegas, NV
Contact: Gerry Alcantara
Phone: (702) 931-0656

UMAC Express Cargo (Arizona)
Contact: Gerry Alcantara
Address: 15610 N 35th Ave., Suite 8, Phoenix, AZ 85053
Phone: (623) 308-9262

UMAC Colorado / Utah / Wyoming
Contacts: Gerry Alcantara / Jonas Lagunday
Phone: (720) 980-7171

UMAC New Mexico
Contacts: Gerry Alcantara / Robert Ramos Delos Reyes
Phone: (505) 403-6151

Freedom Cargo (Houston)
Contacts: Joel Bamba & Princess Bamba
Address: 4003 Cypress Creek Parkway, Houston, TX 77068
Phone: (281) 586-8283

Areas in Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana
Phone: (281) 586-8283

UMAC Kansas and Missouri
Contact: Danilo Galos
Address: 8709 Antioch Rd., Overland Park, Kansas 66212
Phone: (913) 375-0846 / (913) 375-0749

Agent: Joey Palmer

  • Filipino Market LLC
    Phone: (417) 368-0219
    Address: 3448 S Campbell Ave., Springfield, MO 65807

    Additional Locations in Kansas City and Joplin

  • Phone: (913) 375-0846 Fax: (913) 825-2555
  • Contacts: Ms. Melinda Hosp (417-825-8545) and Mr. Matthew Hosp (417-540-0372)

MJB Services UMAC Express Cargo (NW)
Covers Washington, Oregon, Idaho, Montana, Alaska
Contacts: Jennifer Yi / Buddy & Perl Francisco
Address: 11015 Bridgeport Way SW, Lakewood, WA 98499
Phone: (253) 589-6917 / Toll Free: 1 (866) MJB-UMAC Fax: (253) 582-8919

Contact: Rouel C. Cabotage
Address: 111 Sand Island Access Rd., Unit 1-3B, Honolulu, HI 96819
Phone: 1 (808) 848-8808 / 1 (808) 269-9494 / 1 (808) 845-4838

Rocky C. Cabotage (Maui)
Phone: 1 (808) 269-6770 / 1 (808) 269-1773 / 1 (808) 871-4727