If you are in need of a shipping company, Freightera can help. Shippers are automatically enrolled in the Source Locally Community, which promotes their products to other Freightera members. The community also facilitates local sourcing. Shipper descriptions will appear on the “What’s Shipping” page for the day. Only business shippers can participate in this community. You can see if a company is a member by visiting the Freightera homepage.



With Cargomatic on Freightera Freight Marketplace, you can book your truckloads from one of the largest marketplaces for shipping. The system works by letting you pick the best price and book freight in just a few seconds. And with Cargomatic, you can have peace of mind knowing that your shipments will be picked up on time. The company’s customer service is 5 star.

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A startup from California, Cargomatic raised $20.8 million last year and currently has thousands of trucking drivers using its service. Instead of manually entering data on their website, Cargomatic notifies truck drivers of potential clients. Cargomatic’s founders have jet-setter lifestyles and still do a lot of data entry. But the company isn’t alone in the trucking industry. Uber is launching its own on-demand trucking marketplace called Uber Freight.


Online freight marketplace

As the online freight marketplace grows, its members will gain access to more rates and better customer service, while the shipping process will become easier. The freight industry is in trouble because many businesses have reduced staff or are unable to cover their load demands. With an expansive network of carriers, Freightera will help these shippers find the best deals. And if you are a shipper, you can save time by comparing rates between carriers and modes.

One of the best features of Freightera is that it gives shippers instant access to real-time quotes and bookings. You don’t need to create an account to get live quotes and can view your rates on your mobile phone. Freightera also opened the first lanes for automating full truckload and refrigerated freight. You can choose the best carrier for your needs and start shipping today. There are many benefits to using Freightera, which is why it’s the best choice for shipping your goods.

Other features of Freightera include automated online quotes and broker assistance. Members can also request customized quotes from freight brokers. The paid plans also allow for unlimited automated online quotes. The benefits of Freightera are worth considering. It’s easy to see why Freightera has been able to grow so quickly and is already the leading online freight marketplace. You can choose from two plans that offer different levels of support. The free plan allows you to receive three quotes without making a payment. You can upgrade at any time without any risk, and you can try out Freightera free for three months.

The company’s founder, Eric Beckwitt, is an accomplished software engineer and industry veteran. Freightera’s free platform now boasts over 10,000 shipments, and Beckwitt has already won the 2019 Clean50 Award. The award acknowledges outstanding contributions to clean capitalism and sustainability in Canada. It has also won a Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award. A few months after its launch, the company has expanded its offerings and expanded its user base.


Instant online quotes

If you’re looking for a faster way to ship your products, the best place to find it is on Freightera’s online quoting platform. This free service allows you to compare rates of hundreds of carriers and book your shipments online. Freightera’s easy-to-use platform can be accessed 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It also includes additional carrier information and allows you to save rates for later.

The platform has more than six billion rates, covers more than 23,000 communities in North America, and is growing rapidly with the addition of hundreds of carriers every month. Its recent signing of the Class 1 railroads and initial inventory of refrigerated LTL and FTL are just some of the recent additions to the platform. Eventually, the platform will offer business shippers instant online quotes from all modes of transportation. All-inclusive quotes from Freightera will be provided instantly, enabling you to interact with your quotes immediately.

Investors in the Freightera Freight Marketplace include Silicon Valley angels and exempt market private equity firms. Many of these investors were early backers of Twitter and Facebook. They are excited by the startup’s rapid growth and mission to integrate the global transportation industry and reduce air pollution. The Freightera Freight Marketplace is now a leading provider of freight services and is growing rapidly in the U.S.

In addition to offering truck and rail services, Freightera is also expanding its pricing options with rail providers, making it easier for manufacturers and retailers to compare rates and transit times. In addition, the Freightera platform is designed to provide guaranteed availability. By comparing quotes, companies can save time and money, and improve their bottom line. And Freightera’s rail services will soon be available, allowing retailers to compare rates and transit times from one provider to the next.


Go Green option

The Go Green option on Freightera’s Freight Marketplace is an excellent way to select a carrier that has committed to reducing its emissions and fuel costs. The platform matches shippers with the most fuel-efficient carriers using the latest emissions-reduction technology. Low-emission carriers provide higher service quality at a lower cost, and shippers can select the lowest-emission options by filtering freight quotes.

A recent survey of the top shippers showed that 86 percent are looking for companies that are committed to environmental responsibility. Freightera offers a Go Green option for a fee. The company’s customers are responsible for reducing greenhouse gas emissions by purchasing a reusable container. Freightera’s Pay-Per-Important membership allows shippers to reduce their carbon footprint while shipping goods.

The Go Green option on Freightera is available in all major markets and has thousands of rated carriers. The Go Green option is especially important if you are shipping to or from a third-world country. The platform is available in English and Spanish. It has a 5-star customer support team and offers environmentally friendly options. It is easy to book a load on Freightera. In addition to Go Green, the platform also offers an environmentally-friendly option.

By reducing energy costs, shipping can be a greener choice. Freightera is partnering with a large maritime carrier to bring an environmentally-friendly low-emission, slow-steaming service to market. By lowering the cost of fuel, shippers can make a conscious choice for the environment and their bottom line. This green option also saves money and is an important aspect of the Freightera Freight Marketplace.


Broker assistance

If you’re looking for a fast and reliable way to ship your goods, then using broker assistance on the online freight marketplace is the right option for you. Freightera offers member-exclusive benefits such as unlimited automated online quotes and broker assistance without booking freight. If you’re not quite ready to give up your traditional broker services, you can upgrade your membership plan to get access to a broker’s expertise without paying a monthly fee.

When it comes to choosing a broker, you should know that there are several ways to find the right one. Freightera is known for its innovative and analytical approach to matching carriers and clients to provide a seamless experience for both parties. A broker with an outstanding reputation is likely to stay busy. A good process can help improve communication and the handling of issues. Here are some of the most important benefits of using a broker on the Freightera Freight Marketplace:

The SMB Plus plan offers all the features of the SMB plan, plus parcel shipping and 50 points per month for broker quotes for each user. SMB Plus plan is designed for businesses that ship frequently and need priority treatment. High-volume and complex shipments require manual assistance from a knowledgeable broker. For companies shipping over $150k per year, a dedicated broker will provide you with a customized shipping analysis. An optimization plan will be conducted semi-annually.

In addition to providing complete coverage of North America, Freightera also offers the most comprehensive network of carriers and transport modes. Its full truckload service from the three major railroads includes Union Pacific, Canadian National, and CSX. The remaining Class 1 railroads are currently being incorporated into Freightera’s system. In addition to providing full truckload service, Freightera offers access to rates and live carrier availability.

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