Last Updated: August 23, 2023

With the surge in online shopping, reliable package delivery has become integral to our lives. United Parcel Service (UPS) is one of the leading delivery companies worldwide, known for its dependable service.

Sometimes, we must change the delivery address or reroute the package after shipping an item. This might arise from a sudden change in plans, a mistake in the initial address, or other unforeseen circumstances.

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Thankfully, UPS offers a solution for this. In this blog post, we’ll walk you through the steps to change the destination on your UPS tracking.

Step 1: Register for UPS My Choice

If you still need to, the first step is to sign up for UPS My Choice. This free service provides you with greater control over your deliveries.

It offers features like delivery alerts, delivery holds, and, importantly for our discussion, the ability to reroute or reschedule deliveries.

Step 2: Log in to Your Account

Once you’re signed up, log in to your UPS My Choice account. Navigate to the dashboard, where you can view all your incoming shipments.

Step 3: Select the Package

Locate the package whose destination you wish to change. Click on it to view more details.

Step 4: Change Delivery

Once you’ve clicked on the package details, you should see an option for “Change Delivery.” Select this. You’ll be presented with several options, including:

  • Reschedule: Change the delivery date.
  • Deliver to Another Address: This option allows you to change the destination of your package. A fee may be associated with rerouting the parcel to a new address.
  • Pickup at a UPS Location: Instead of having the package delivered to any address, you can pick it up at a local UPS facility or access point.

Step 5: Confirm Changes

After selecting your preferred change, follow the on-screen instructions to confirm. Depending on the service and the destination, there might be additional charges for making changes.

Ensure that you’re aware of any such charges before confirming.

Step 6: Monitor the Tracking Information

Monitoring your tracking information after making changes is always a good practice. This will help you ensure the package is on its way to the correct destination and give you an estimated arrival time.

Points to Remember:

  • There is usually a time window within which you can make changes. Once the package is too close to its delivery time, modifications might not be possible.
  • Not all packages are eligible for rerouting. Factors such as shipper restrictions, the package’s size, and value can influence this.
  • Fees for changing delivery vary based on the nature of the change and the final destination. It’s essential to review and confirm these before finalizing any modifications.

Final Thoughts

The ability to change the destination of a UPS shipment offers incredible flexibility for recipients. It can be a lifesaver when plans change or mistakes happen.

By following the steps above, you can efficiently navigate the process and ensure your package gets to the right place at the right time. Always remember to monitor the status and stay updated.

FAQs on How to Change the Destination on UPS Tracking

Q: Do I need a UPS account to change the destination of a package?

A: Yes, you need a UPS My Choice account to change the destination of a package. It provides a dashboard to manage and make changes to your incoming shipments.

Q: Is there a fee associated with changing the delivery address?

A: Changing the delivery address may incur a fee, depending on the nature of the change and the final destination. Constantly review and confirm these fees before finalizing any modifications.

Q: Can I change the destination of any package sent through UPS?

A: Not all packages are eligible for rerouting. The shipper’s restrictions, package’s size, and value can influence eligibility. Always check on the UPS My Choice dashboard to see if the option is available for your specific shipment.

Q: Can I reroute a package to an international address?

A: Rerouting to an international address is typically not available. Packages can be rerouted within the same country. It’s advisable to check with UPS directly for specific international rerouting queries.

Q: How close to the delivery date can I change the destination?

A: There’s a specific window within which you can make changes. Once the package is too close to its delivery time, modifications might not be possible. It’s always best to make changes as early as possible.

Q: Can I have my package held at a UPS facility instead of rerouting it to a new address?

A: Yes, one of the options available is to have the package held at a local UPS facility or access point where you can pick it up.

Q: I’ve changed the delivery address. How is the package being sent to the new location?

A: After changing the delivery address, always monitor the tracking information. This will provide you with updates and confirm the package is on its way to the correct, updated destination.

Q: What if I change my mind after rerouting the package? Can I change it back?

A: While you can make multiple changes using UPS My Choice, each change may be subject to fees, and there are limitations on how close to the delivery time changes can be made. It’s best to finalize your decision early to avoid complications.

Q: Will the sender be notified if I change the destination address?

A: The sender is not typically notified by UPS of delivery changes made by the recipient. However, if you’re concerned about telling the sender, contacting them directly is best.

Q: Are there any security measures in place when rerouting packages?

A: Yes, UPS has security measures to ensure packages are only rerouted by the legitimate recipient. This includes requiring a UPS My Choice account and often sending notifications or requiring change confirmation.