There are many ways to check the status of your FedEx shipment. You can visit the FedEx website near your home or office to get the latest update. The estimated delivery time helps you pick the best time for pickup. If you’re concerned that the delivery might be delayed, you can even view holiday schedules for FedEx. You can check the status of your shipment by clicking on Find My Location and inputting your city, zip code, and other details.


Account number

When a shipment has been shipped to you, the best way to track its progress is to enter your Account number. This is the shipping number that the FedEx courier will use to pick up your shipment. It will show up on your shipment tracking report in the Third Party View if you have enrolled your account as a third-party payer. If you change your account information, you can view detailed results for other tracking numbers as well.

Examples: Y0084838637

The account number is a nine-digit code found on the top-right corner of your FedEx invoice. If you have a FedEx account, you can access this information through the account management page. If you do not have a FedEx account, you must contact the company that delivered the package. Make sure not to share your account number with anyone, as FedEx does not want your information leaked to unauthorized parties.

You can also check your shipment status through the FedEx track website. This website allows you to track up to 25 shipments at one time. You should enter one tracking number per line. The Summary Results screen will show you the status, destination, and date and time of delivery. Click on the tracking number to get more details. You can also add a nickname to a specific shipment so that you can keep track of it easily.


Door tag tracking number

You may have noticed a door tag on your FedEx shipment. This is a message left by the FedEx driver on your door while delivering a package. If you aren’t home to accept the package, he will leave a door tag on your door. You can use this information to track your shipment. If the package doesn’t arrive on its scheduled delivery date, you can call the company and ask for a new delivery date.

If you missed your FedEx delivery, you’ll receive a door tag indicating that your delivery was not received. The information will include the next steps to make the delivery. The Door tag can be filled out online by entering the required information and pressing “Done”. When your shipment is delivered, you’ll receive a notice advising you what to do next. This can be a helpful tool if your shipment is delayed or misplaced.

If you’re concerned that your package won’t arrive on its scheduled delivery date, FedEx Door Tag tracking will tell you when it’s scheduled to arrive. The tracking number will include the source address, estimated delivery date, and any delays or missed deliveries. Door tag tracking information is also available online through the FedEx web tracker system. It’s simple to use. When it comes to FedEx tracking, door tag tracking is an important feature for any customer.


Exception Notification

When you receive an Exception Notification for FedEx shipment tracking, it means that your package is in a delayed delivery state. If the package is unable to be delivered to a specified address, the driver will place it in the exception status. Once you have provided the correct address and requested a signature, the driver will continue the delivery route. In some cases, a driver may leave a note with instructions at the delivery address. If the recipient does not sign for the package, the driver will continue to the next address and leave the package.

When an Exception Notification for FedEx shipment tracking is received, you should try to contact FedEx and see if it can help you with your shipment. They should be more than willing to help you find the package and make it as soon as possible. FedEx is constantly trying to make deliveries, and if you contact them, they will work to resolve the situation. If you do not receive a notification for a certain amount of time, you can always try sending the package again.

Exception Notifications can be frustrating, but you should never panic. The good news is that FedEx is committed to keeping its promises, and the majority of exception notifications are unrelated to the quality of service. If your package has been delayed for some reason, the delivery estimate should update shortly. If the exception is caused by weather, you should be able to contact FedEx customer support at any time for assistance.


Saving results in browser cookie

Once you’ve logged into FedEx’s website, you can find information about your shipments under the ‘Track My Shipment’ section. This page displays details about your shipment, including any related issues. If you’re the recipient, you’ll be required to be the delivery manager to access the tracking information. Clicking on ‘Launch FedEx Tracking’ will allow you to view a list of your saved shipments.

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