Last Updated: August 20, 2023

We’ve all been there. You’ve ordered something online, eagerly awaiting its arrival, but suddenly realize you need to find the tracking number, and worse, the receipt is nowhere to be found.

Tracking numbers is essential to keep tabs on your shipment, ensuring it is en route and arriving as expected. Fear not if you’ve lost your UPS tracking number and need a receipt. There are still ways you can retrieve it. Here’s how:

Examples: Y0084838637

Check Your Email Inbox

Most online merchants send order confirmations and shipping notifications via email. When your package is shipped, you typically receive a shipping confirmation email containing your tracking number.

  • Search for keywords: Go to your email inbox and search for terms like “UPS,” “tracking,” “shipment,” or “confirmation.” This can help you locate any relevant emails associated with your shipment.

Log In to the Merchant’s Website

If you ordered from a popular online retailer:

  • Check Order History: Log in to your account on the retailer’s website, and navigate your order history. Detailed order information, including tracking numbers, is often provided there.

Contact Customer Service

If you can’t find the number through email or the merchant’s website:

  • Reach Out to the Seller: Contact the merchant or seller from whom you made the purchase. They usually have records of transactions and should be able to provide you with the tracking number using other identifying information like your name, email, or address.
  • Contact UPS Directly: If you need help contacting the seller, try contacting UPS customer service. While they might only be able to provide the tracking number directly with specific details, they can give guidance or other solutions.

Use UPS My Choice

UPS My Choice is a service that gives users more control over their deliveries. If you’re signed up:

  • Login and Check: Access your UPS My Choice account. All incoming packages, complete with tracking numbers, should be listed there.

Review Your Bank Statements

If you can remember the exact day you placed the order or a close estimate:

  • Identify the Transaction: Look at your credit card or bank statement to identify the transaction related to the purchase.
  • Contact the Merchant with Details: Once you have the date and transaction amount, contact the merchant, and they can usually look up the order using this information, providing you with the tracking number.

For In-Person Purchases

If you made a shipment at a UPS Store or through another physical outlet and lost your receipt:

  • Visit the Store: Return to the location where you shipped your package. Please provide them with the date of the transaction and any other identifying information. They might have a record of the shipment.

Final Thoughts

While losing a UPS tracking number can be frustrating, multiple avenues exist to retrieve it, even without a receipt. Always start by retracing your steps, checking digital records like emails, and contacting merchants or UPS directly.

In the future, consider using digital tools or apps to store essential numbers or snapping a quick photo of your receipts to avoid similar hitches.

FAQs on How To Find A Lost UPS Tracking Number Without A Receipt

Q: I recently cleared my email inbox. Can I find my tracking number?

A: Yes, if you’ve deleted your emails, you can log in to the merchant’s website and check your order history. Additionally, reaching out directly to the seller’s customer service or contacting UPS might help.

Q: Can UPS customer service provide me with a tracking number using my name and address?

A: It’s not guaranteed, as UPS values customer privacy and security. However, they can help guide you on the next steps or provide other solutions. It’s always worth a try.

Q: I wasn’t signed up for UPS My Choice when I lost my tracking number. Can I sign up now and see my past packages?

A: UPS My Choice primarily shows upcoming deliveries. If you weren’t signed up when the package was shipped, it’s unlikely that past deliveries will appear there.

Q: How long do physical UPS stores keep records of shipments?

A: The duration varies from one store to another. However, most stores retain shipment records for a specific time to assist with customer queries. It’s best to visit or call the particular UPS store promptly to inquire.

Q: I’ve lost my tracking number for a return shipment to a merchant. What should I do?

A: Contact the merchant’s customer service immediately. They typically have records of return authorizations and can provide you with the tracking number or help you ensure the return is processed correctly.

Q: Is there a fee associated with UPS My Choice?

A: UPS My Choice offers a free basic membership that provides users with delivery alerts and a delivery planner. However, they also offer a premium membership with additional features at a cost.

Q: I’ve checked everywhere but need help finding my lost tracking number. How can I ensure my package arrives?

A: If you’ve exhausted all options to retrieve the tracking number, your best bet is to stay in touch with the receiving party (if it’s not you) to confirm the delivery. Also, maintaining open communication with the merchant or sender can be beneficial.