What does a tracking number mean?

Each package is given a unique tracking number shortly before it is dispatched. Packages may be tracked and followed from the warehouse or storage facility where they were picked up to the ultimate destination by using this unique identifier number.

It is possible to use a barcode scanner or even a smartphone to scan the tracking number written on the package. There are tracking numbers that can only be found in the nation where the shipper resides, as well as tracking numbers that can be found worldwide. When it comes to shipping, Track Trace My Parcel can monitor your package, no matter what sort of tracking number it has.

What is my tracking number?

A email confirmation is usually delivered to your inbox after you make a purchase on a marketplace or other website. A description of the goods, price, and other details may be found in this email confirmation, but it’s the tracking number that’s most important.
If you can’t locate the email or didn’t get it, you may still get in touch with the person who sent the package. The tracking number assigned to the shipment by the sender is certain to include the information you’re searching for.

Examples: Y0084838637

A tracking number has a certain amount of digits.
Each courier service has a unique tracking number structure. It is true that each company has its own unique coding system, which consists of letters and digits. Even though spaces or hyphens are permitted between letters and numerals, they occur very seldom. To illustrate, the initial numbers may represent the courier firm, while the remaining digits indicate the location of the package, for example. Each character has a purpose. Tracking numbers are typically between 8 and 40 characters long.
Here are a few samples of several international courier firms’ tracking number formats:

  • UPS There are usually 18 characters in UPS tracking numbers, with “1Z” being the most common. Air Paperwork and International Air Bill of lading have UPS tracking details that don’t begin with “UPS-“.
  • Tracking numbers for FedEx FedEx Express and FedEx Ground are typically comprised of 12 and 15 digits, respectively. There aren’t any letters in any scenario.
  • It’s very uncommon for DHL tracking numbers to be made up entirely of numeric digits, with no letters at all. There are only 10 digits in DHL Express tracking numbers (eg: 1234567890) or if the first three digits of the tracking number begin with “000,” “JJD01,” or “JJD00” (eg: JD0166666666).
  • In the United States Postal Service (USPS), tracking numbers are often lengthier and include 20-22 digits without letters. Starting with two capital letters and concluding with two capital letters “US,” USPS Express Mail tracking numbers have a total of 13 characters.

Tracking numbers are also assigned to shipments by postal providers. The tracking numbers on some of them are instantly apparent. For instance:

  • PostNL’s tracking numbers always finish with “NL” in all capital letters.
  • SG is the abbreviation for Singapore Post’s tracking numbers.
  • Due to the two characters “CN,” the end of a tracking number for China Post may easily be identified.

So, what’s up with the “order”?

As an order number, often known as the “purchase” or “ID” order number, it is the unique identifier of a buyer’s purchase. Every order placed on a marketplace or e-commerce website is assigned a unique order number for tracking purposes. Using this number, a seller may quickly and easily track down information such as when the item will arrive, how much money is owed, or the current status of the shipment. It is also a technique of protecting the buyer’s identity, since the buyer’s true name is not revealed but a number is used instead.

What is the order number?

Each courier firm has their own system for assigning tracking numbers. Because they are both made up of digits, tracking numbers and order numbers are often misunderstood. As a reminder, you should note that tracking numbers seldom include spaces or hyphens. In most cases, these characters indicate an order number. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. 111-9244735-1237858 is an example of an order number issued by Amazon US. There are two hyphens between the 17 digits of this order number.

Using the our webpage, you may copy and paste both the tracking number from Amazon and the tracking number from FedEx into the search field. You will get tracking information for your package if you provide the tracking number. If the tracking number is printed “Not found,” it is not the tracking number.

Can I use the order number to track a package?

Generally speaking, not at all. Order and tracking numbers are two separate numbers. A tracking number is the sole way to monitor a shipment, and the order number cannot be used to trace a parcel. Make sure you’re pasting the tracking number, not the order number, into the Track Trace My Parcel homepage search field. If Track Trace My Parcel says “Not found” after you enter the tracking number and click on the blue and white arrow, you may have entered the order number instead.

It is not possible to trace a shipment with an order number using Track Trace My Parcel or other tracking services or the courier company’s tracking website. The tracking number is required.
You may contact the vendor or online retailer where you purchased the item if you believe you entered the right tracking number but it says “Not found.” After a package has been dispatched, you may have to wait 1 or 2 days for tracking information to become accessible on Track Trace My Parcel.
The marketplace Asos makes an exemption for order numbers on packages. The tracking number and the order number may both be used to track your goods from this website. There are nine digits in the Asos order numbers (eg: 123456789).

A tracking number, order number, consignment number, and reference number are all types of tracking numbers.
People may get tangled up between the many names. We may divide these terms into three distinct categories:

The buyer may follow their shipment using the tracking number and the consignment number, which are one and the same.

A purchase order number, purchase order number, and the order’s unique ID number
When a customer places an order, these three words are used to identify the order, as well as provide the seller with further information about the shipping (the date, payment conditions, etc.).

Number of occurrences:
An alphanumeric code used to identify a transaction. The vendor may keep track of all of his or her sales with the aid of this number.

Tracking number and consignment number.

The order number, purchase number, and ID order reference number are all included in this list.
Customers should be able to monitor their packages.
Give the seller access to information regarding the cargo (such as the delivery date, the conditions of payment, and any changes in status).
Find out what financial transactions the seller is involved in
Is it possible to monitor the progress of my Alibaba order?
You can monitor your cargo online after you’ve chosen “Alibaba.com parcels” or “Alibaba.com Air Express.” When it comes to monitoring your Alibaba orders, you have a limited number of alternatives. For Alibaba order monitoring, Track Trace My Parcel is one of the better alternatives available, but there are a few more choices available as well. In order to track your shipment, all you have to do is enter your Alibaba tracking number into the search field on its webpage, and you will be presented with all the relevant information.

Where can I look up my AliExpress tracking number?

You’ll need to log into your account and proceed to the “My Orders” page. To track an order, just choose the one you’d want to monitor, and a “track order” button will appear next to the order. You may see the AliExpress tracking number in the pop-up window if you hover your mouse over it. You can easily monitor your AliExpress package once you receive your tracking number.

Why can’t I keep track of my Amazon order?

Sometimes, when you attempt to monitor your Amazon shipment on the Amazon website, you may not be able to see the tracking information:

It’s possible that Amazon doesn’t have the order tracking information since the vendors didn’t provide it to them.
The initial package scan won’t be done until delivery, so it’s possible.
It’s possible that the initial package scan may take place at a regional warehouse near the ultimate destination when the number of shipments is large. The courier may fail to confirm delivery of the package until it has been scanned for the first time.
A few packages, such as those sent using Standard International, can’t be tracked at all.
The section “About deliveries shipped with Amazon” should be checked if you have a tracking number that begins with “TBA.
You may still use Track Trace My Parcel to monitor your Amazon delivery as a last check.