The mission of Freightera is to help businesses and the community by promoting their products. Freightera noticed that products were missing from the supermarket shelves. They partnered with various companies and organizations to promote these products. For example, medical supplies are needed by the government and are frequently short-supplied. They have become the go-to company for such needs. This article will explore the benefits of Freightera to businesses and the community. Its mission has helped many businesses grow and thrive.



To achieve the vision of making transportation easier for everyone, Freightera has raised $2.1M from investors including Canadian exempt market private equity firms and Silicon Valley and Silicon Beach angels. The company is excited about its revenue growth of 30% per year and its mission to automate and integrate the global transportation industry while reducing air pollution. It plans to use the money to accelerate growth and build a stronger infrastructure to support its mission. The company also plans to add new products and services to meet the demands of customers and carriers.

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Freightera CEO Eric Beckwitt will discuss the company at the first BC Cleantech virtual conference. Freightera is a global freight shipping marketplace that helps companies reduce their carbon footprint while delivering goods. Its platform provides freight services via rail and road across North America, as well as online shipment booking. Freightera was also named the Best Private Company in the ICT category, beating hundreds of other technology companies by demonstrating its revenue growth and market traction.

As a company, Freightera has accomplished a lot in 2020. The company won the Consumer Choice Award in Vancouver and placed among the fastest-growing companies in the ICT sector in British Columbia. It was also listed among Canada’s top-growing companies by the Globe and Mail, and launched a new SaaS model that allows Canadian business shippers to sign up for paid memberships. Among other innovations, Freightera has introduced a new payment model that allows Canadian business shippers to choose from a variety of value-added services.

The industry is also seeing growth from aircraft manufacturers. According to Freightera Growth, the market for dedicated freighters is projected to grow by 60% over the next two decades. Strong demand for air cargo capacity and the emergence of e-commerce have created new opportunities. By 2039, approximately 2,430 new freighter airplanes will be delivered to meet demand for cargo space. Over one-third of these deliveries will be brand-new widebody cargo airplanes, with the rest converted from passenger aircraft.


Customer references

If you’re in the freight industry, you’ve probably wondered how to get more customer references for freightera. Luckily, it’s remarkably easy! The first thing you should do is start with the oldest accounts. These are the most likely to be willing to provide references. In addition, the more relevant your references are to your industry, the easier it will be to secure them. Make sure that the references you collect for freightera are relevant to your industry and use case.

Another great way to get customer references is to ask your customers if they’ve used Freightera. This is particularly useful if your target market is large, as you may find that your target audience is dispersed across various offices. In addition, you can also ask people in various roles to provide testimonials and quotes. Make sure that your customers are satisfied with your company’s service. You can also try asking them to send you a short video or testimonial to provide more insight into your services.

Another way to get a good quote from Freightera is by making use of its point system. Freightera gives users a set amount of points each month, which they can use to get broker quotes. You can earn more points by booking shipments or upgrading your plan. You can also make unlimited online quotes with the help of Freightera, which is a welcome change from manual processes. The company provides user-friendly training videos and trained clients care representatives to make it as easy as possible for customers.


Market position

The rapid growth and continued demand for freight services has resulted in an increase in the number of online freight brokers. These brokers offer a range of services to business shippers, including a freight price comparison tool. Freightera’s growth is a reflection of the company’s innovative approach to the industry. The company has positioned itself as a leader in this field. With a recent acquisition of an online freight marketplace, freightera is poised for continued growth and profitability.

Freightera is recognized as a leading private company in the ICT sector, making it one of the most dynamic marketplaces in North America. Freightera provides customers with real-time freight quotes and online shipment booking. The company was chosen from among hundreds of other companies for its market traction, revenue growth and future growth potential. This recognition demonstrates the continued success and growth of freight shipping marketplaces and enables consumers to make informed decisions when shipping their goods.

The founders of Freightera’s platform, whose mission is to reduce emissions associated with freight transportation, have a mission to help the environment by providing low-emission freight solutions. Their CEO, Eric Beckwitt, is a noted author and public speaker who advocates for green freight solutions. Frost & Sullivan has recognized Freightera as one of the ‘Key Automated On-Demand Brokerage Solutions in North America’.


Growth plans

Freightera is a digital logistics marketplace, serving more than 23,000 communities across North America. The platform produces multiple fixed cost quotes, all shipping documents and includes air, ocean and surface transportation. It is committed to reducing emissions, is fully automated, and has a low carbon footprint. It is committed to hiring top-quality people to provide exceptional service. Growth plans for freightera include expanding the business to international markets. With over $1M in revenue, Freightera plans to continue to grow at a rapid pace, and to hire quality employees.

With a proven track record and a solid management team, Freightera has an edge over its competitors. The company developed a proprietary cloud-based platform that contains the tariffs and schedules of hundreds of carriers. It is constantly updated and customizable for each individual carrier. By giving its users the power to manage their shipping costs, Freightera is a great tool to help companies increase their bottom line. But what does it take to succeed?

The company has been able to attract investors from both the private equity and high net worth communities. Freightera has raised over C$7 million in funding and is in the process of raising another C$10 million in a series A round. The company is one of the fastest-growing companies in the Canadian tech industry and has been named a finalist for the BC Tech 2020 Technology Impact Awards in the Growth Company category. Its recent launch of paid memberships has allowed Freightera to hit all-time highs in bookings and gross profit.

The company has also begun acquiring new narrow-body freighter planes. The new A350F model could be part of these purchases. Moreover, Lufthansa is making a strong case for acquiring additional Boeing 777F freighters. The airline’s growth plans reflect that air-cargo demand reached record levels during the coronavirus outbreak. It caused disruption to international shipping routes and led to some containers landing in the wrong place. The global shift to online shopping is expected to continue even after the pandemic.

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