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Date Published: May 4, 2022 – Date Updated: July 27, 2023

The delivery procedure (for example DHL on demand delivery) is one of the most critical elements of online sales. Your shipment may be delayed if there are issues with your order. This might lead to a painful situation in which you have to deal with both the vendor and the courier at the same time.

If the vendor is utilizing DHL to transport your item, you may be unsure of what to do if you’re facing any issues. If you get a notification stating that your DHL package has been placed on hold, you may be unsure what that implies.

Examples: Y0084838637

What does it imply when your DHL package is on hold, and what can you do about it?


4 Steps On What To Do When Your DHL Shipment Is On Hold

If you get a notice from DHL stating that your consignment is on hold, this signifies that your item is no longer in transit.

There are a number of reasons why your shipment may be delayed.

The shipment will be placed on hold if there is a delay, and you will be notified by DHL.

This does not imply that the vendor canceled the purchase or that the shipment was misplaced.


It simply implies that the delivery driver is unable to go to your location because of an issue that happened while enroute.

In the absence of a solution, there are a few things you might do to learn more about the issue.

As soon as you find out that your DHL package is on hold, follow the steps given.

1. Get in touch with DHL’s Customer Service Department.


Getting in touch with DHL’s customer care is a good place to start.

Tracking numbers and delivery addresses will be necessary for you to complete the transaction.

As a last resort, you may be able to get a response from a customer service professional.

They may be able to determine you what’s causing the holdup and offer you an idea of when you can expect the box to arrive again.

Natural disasters or civil upheaval might make it hard to know when the shipment can begin its voyage.

At the very least, the agent will be able to give you an explanation for the holdup.

If your cargo is still on hold, you may check in with their customer support team every several days to get an update.

2. Research the Route


A basic sense of where the driver is going may be gleaned, but you won’t know the specific path. Start by learning more about the person who is selling you the item.

Determine whether or not they store their items on-site or in a warehouse. If they have a warehouse, you’ll have to find out where it is.

If you live near a store, you’re likely to get your order from that store. Consider DHL’s transit hub locations as well. If DHL was a long way away, the vendor probably wouldn’t utilize it since delivery would be more expensive.

Once you know where these two points are, you may create a possible path to your destination. After that, you’ll be able to look into any issues that may arise in the region.

Check for border closures or overburdened customs offices if your cargo is arriving from another nation, for example.

Investigate how busy the ports are as well, since this might potentially delay shipments. In certain cases, even little inconveniences such as traffic delays may have a negative impact on your life.

You may be able to figure out what’s causing the delay if you figure out what factors are at play.

3. Be Patient and wait for DHL To Contact You


In the event that your shipment is on hold, all you can do is sit back and wait. Upon arrival, your package will be delivered to your address.

It’s possible that it may take longer than you anticipated.

DHL may be contacted again if you find yourself waiting more than a few weeks beyond the original anticipated delivery date.

4. Terminate Your Order


When a delay would create a problem or you won’t need the goods by the time it is delivered, you may always cancel your purchase. In the event that you terminate a purchase, DHL will be informed that the shipment will not be delivered.

Instead, they’ll send it back to the vendor.

What Does It Mean When DHL Says Your Shipment Is on Hold?


It is possible that your DHL cargo will be put on hold for a variety of reasons.

Here are a few of the reasons why:

1. Snowstorms or natural disasters


The weather is something that shipping firms have little control over. No matter how hard they try, whether it’s sunny or raining, they can’t go through certain parts of the country because of the dangers of the weather.

Disasters caused by nature may strike at any moment and without warning. Tornadoes and hurricanes are the most common natural catastrophes that disrupt delivery, but other types of disasters may have an impact as well.

It is possible for the delivery driver to be prevented from driving by snowstorms, earthquakes, or even highly windy days. Occasionally, a natural calamity prevents cargo from moving forward. Roads are littered with trash or completely demolished.

Flooding may also be a concern on certain roadways. In these instances, the driver will not be able to reach your location until the debris has been cleared from the roadway or until they have found an other path.

In the event of a natural catastrophe, they’ll need to locate a place of safety and refuge. It is impossible to predict how fast or how long a natural catastrophe would last.

When the storm is over, drivers still even then cannot return to the road, as their vehicle may been damaged or that the region has become inaccessible.Your DHL package may be delayed as a result of a natural catastrophe.

2. Politcal Unrest


Most of DHL’s packages are sent to destinations in Europe. As a result, societal upheaval is rather common. Protests and marches may affect a delivery, whether they’re against a legislation or a specific leadership decision.

Borders may be closed temporarily when there is a threat of societal upheaval. Social upheaval may only create minor delays in your cargo in rare circumstances. Any demonstration or march may be avoided by simply taking a different route.

If there’s a major march or protest, this may be more challenging. It’s possible that driving isn’t safe either. Before continuing on their path, the driver must do what is necessary to keep them safe.

In the event that your purchase does not arrive on time, please contact DHL immediately. Your DHL package may be delayed because of social disturbance.

3. The Borders Have Been Closed


Closed borders are one of the most common causes for a shipment to be held up. Borders between countries may be closed for a variety of reasons.

As a preventative measure against the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, several nations closed their borders. Due to this, a number of deliveries were delayed.

A shutdown on the nation’s borders prevented DHL as well as other couriers from entering a new country.

Another possible cause for a country’s border closure is a danger to national security. If they suspect that a terrorist or anything similar is trying to flee or enter the nation, they will seal the borders to prevent that from happening. In most circumstances, the border will only be closed in the region where the perpetrator was last seen.

Because of this, any courier who is trying to enter the same border as DHL will be held up.

Finally, political strife may force nations to seal their borders. As a result of a battle between two adjacent nations, they may block their borders to protect themselves against an invasion.

Closed borders pose a challenge since it’s hard to predict how long they’ll be shut off from the outside world.

DHL may not be able to finish the delivery due to the fact that they are unable to enter the country. It’s either a matter of finding a new route around the nation or waiting for the border to reopen, depending on where the delivery is located. You may have to wait a long time for your order to arrive.

If DHL encounters a closed border, your package may be placed on hold.

4. Congestion in the port

is one of the most typical reasons why your DHL package is on wait. Orders coming from outside the United States must be delivered by DHL so that it may be cleared by the country’s customs authorities.

Countless nations rely on customs as their first line of defense. Various parcels and shipping manifests are examined by staff to guarantee that no illicit goods are entering the United States of America.

As part of their investigation, they seek for harmful materials including explosives, weapons, and biological agents.

Customs may be quite busy at certain times of year. There’s no better illustration than the Christmas season. Suddenly, customs is dealing with hundreds of parcels because everyone is purchasing items from outside the United States.

DHL, like everyone else, has to wait for its time. There isn’t much of a problem with port congestion. For the most part, your delivery will only be on hold for a few days before it starts its journey. The COVID-19 pandemic, for example, may exacerbate existing issues.

As more people shop online and there are fewer people available to work, a bottleneck is created. There is a limit to the amount of shipments that may be processed each day.

This may create a significant delay, which will only become worse as more goods arrive. Your shipment will be put on hold until it is processed via the system.

Your DHL package may be on hold because of backlog at ports or customs.

5. Rerouting Shipments


DHL may potentially delay your package due to unexpected changes in the route. While on the route, a delivery guy may fall unwell or face a family issue.

Delivery vehicles are susceptible to breakdowns and need repair. To finish the delivery, a new driver or van is needed.

Nevertheless, they’ll have to figure out how to work it out of their own itinerary. Depending on where you live, your shipment may be held up for a few days.

If you check your tracking and see that your shipment is heading in a different direction or is at an unfamiliar location, it’s likely that a route adjustment occurred. In most cases, though, they don’t cause significant delays in your delivery.

DHL may place a delay on your shipment if your cargo needs a route adjustment.

6. Insufficient means of transportation


When compared to other shipping companies, DHL isn’t as big. Consequently, they have a small quantity of vans, aircraft, ships as well as other modes of transportation.

As soon as they’re pushed to their breaking point, they’re forced to wait for one of those cargo cars to arrive. Weight is a critical factor in the transportation sector. Many of their itineraries are determined by their weight. This is due to the fact that heavier objects are more costly to transport.

In order to keep costs down, carriers attempt to strike a delicate balance between cost-effectiveness and efficiency. A different delivery vehicle may be needed if your cargo is very large or heavy. Depending on the weight, it may not fit in the final van for the day.

A replacement van will not come until the following day, so you’ll have to wait for that one to arrive. As a result, DHL will contact you to let you know that your cargo has been placed on hold. They’ve put it on hold until a new mode of transportation can be found.

Your package may be delayed if DHL, a smaller carrier, runs out of transport trucks before it can be delivered.

7. Documentation That Is Far Too Vague


Paperwork and documentation are the basis of the shipping sector. Labeling, barcode readers, and scanners are used for the majority of documentation.

The nature of transportation, on the other hand, means that labels and bar codes may be damaged or removed. That makes it difficult to read or scan them. This will resultin lack of information. The driver has no idea where to drop it off now.

Because they don’t know what’s inside the package, the customs office may be unable to process it. In certain circumstances, the vendor has made a mistake. They may have left out important details in their haste to meet a tight deadline.

It’s possible that DHL will have to keep the package on hold until they get that information. In other circumstances, the buyer can write the incorrect information down or fail to add anything. In this scenario, DHL must wait for the company to correct the issue.

Until then, they won’t be able to get the necessary paperwork to finalize the cargo. It’s possible that DHL is unable to process your package due of a lack of required papers. You’ll get a follow-up message if you need to provide further documentation.

8. Public Holidays


Because it is a holiday, you may notice that your DHL package is on hold. It is not possible to use DHL on a day of rest. It’s possible that you’ll forget about a holiday that falls on a weekday or isn’t as widely observed while you’re expecting your package. As a result, DHL’s drivers aren’t on the roads and delivering packages on specific holidays.

If this is the case, your shipment will be held up for a day or two.

A DHL shipment on hold notification is worth examining to see whether it’s due to a holiday, but it’s not necessary. If this is the case, then you may anticipate it to resume its journey on the next day as well. DHL shipments, for example, may be delayed due to the holiday season.

How long does it take to receive a shipment once it has been placed in a hold?


DHL shipments might take a long time to arrive after they’ve been put on hold. It’s reasonable if you’d want a sense of what’s going on.

In order to get a rough estimate, you may collect a few pieces of information.

For example, you may find out whether any of the following may be contributing to the delay: vacations, border issues, or road construction projects. Your shipment may be held up for a few days due to a holiday or road work.

Further delays might be caused by a difficult border crossing or societal disturbance. Calling DHL is the best way to get an idea of how long it will take for your package to be released.

This person may or may not have some information that will help in your quest for an answer.

Final Thoughts

For the time being, the driver cannot make any more movement in the direction of your address since your DHL package has been placed on hold.

To let you know that your delivery will be delayed, they tell you this.

In the event of delays, you may always call DHL to get as much information as possible regarding your delivery.

FAQs on DHL Shipment on Hold

Q: Why does my DHL shipment show “on hold”?
A: The “on hold” status indicates your package isn’t moving. This can result from delays in the delivery process, such as closed international borders, causing DHL to halt the shipment temporarily.

Q: What does it mean when my shipment is “on hold”?
A: A shipment might be “on hold” for various reasons: the recipient might be unavailable or relocated, the delivery address might be wrong or incomplete, or the recipient might have rejected the goods. To release the shipment, log into your account, navigate to the “track shipment on hold” section, and provide new instructions.

Q: For how long does DHL keep a package on hold?
A: You’ll be notified once your package reaches a collection point. If not picked up, a reminder is sent in two days. The courier will be held for two weeks before being returned to the sender. Another person can pick up your parcel from a DHL ServicePoint if needed.

Q: How can I determine if customs is holding my package?
A: You can use the US Postal Service’s Customs Forms Tracking Tool to monitor your package. This tool offers insights into your parcel’s status, delivery data, and any holds by customs.