Using the DHL “On Demand Delivery” platform, customers may choose from a variety of different shipping methods to suit their specific needs.

In addition, the platform allows online businesses to send clients tracking alerts to keep them informed as their order moves through the delivery process.

Due to the increase in the number of individuals who buy online, taking note of online store orders has become a greater responsibility. 3.4 billion people buy online at any one time.

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Tracking alerts are particularly important to customers since they have become used to purchasing online and demand a greater degree of customer care.

Customers expect the portal to give them with a range of delivery options and a degree of customization in that area.

This article explains how to guarantee that online merchants are able to provide an outstanding post-purchase delivery experience.

  • On-demand delivery has made international shipping more convenient and efficient.
  • Shippers and customers alike stand to gain significantly from the practice of “On Demand Delivery.”
  • Using the gateway in a smarter way (for account holders)
  • Are there any details on DHL’s “On-Demand Delivery?”

What does “On Demand Delivery” mean in the context of DHL?


From the time of purchase until the time of delivery, merchants utilize the self-service portal to provide consumers shipping notifications.

DHL “On Demand Delivery” allows your customers to pick how, when, and where their package is delivered.

Among the options available to consumers are the ability to alter delivery dates, preferences, and priority.

Customers may choose from the following delivery options:

  • Change the date of delivery: Shipment delivery dates might be changed if they are not convenient for customers.
  • Signed and dated release: If the recipient is not present when the package is delivered, give DHL permission to leave it without collecting a signature.
  • Sign Offs: If a customer wants DHL to drop a package at their front door, they may sign a permission form and leave it at the door.
  • Leave with a neighbor, rental office, or a security personnel: DHL customers may authorize their shipments to be left with a neighbor, leasing office, or security staff if they are not available.
  • Pick up at a service station or locker: Customers may pick up their shipments at a service station or a locker, depending on their preference.
  • Addresses in a different location: Clients have the option to provide an alternative address for the shipment’s delivery by DHL.
  • Holding off on going on vacation: It is possible to adjust the delivery date by up to thirty days if consumers are on vacation.

In what ways does DHL’s “On Demand Delivery” make international shipping simpler?


“On Demand Delivery” from DHL makes international shipment more convenient.

Online shopping has grown in popularity all around the globe as a result of the on-demand digital economy. e-tailers that sell to a wide range of customers should expect to earn 10-15 percent more income than those who exclusively sell to a local market. Sending packages over international borders, on the other hand, involves a number of considerations.

Through the “On Demand Delivery” interface, DHL makes the whole delivery process visible to online merchants, helping them to navigate some of these tough issues. Customers get regular updates on the status of their packages while they travel across borders once they have made a purchase, such as text messages and emails informing them of the most recent ETA.

This kind of openness gives buyers and sellers alike peace of mind, making it simpler for everyone to participate in global internet commerce.

When it comes to international delivery, this site is a godsend for online sellers.

  • Reduce costs by combining shipments: Ship several goods to many places at once and enhance your company’s delivery operations at the same time.
  • Facilitating the process of clearing customs: Switching from several customs filings to a single customs entry can speed up the customs clearance procedure.
  • Processes that are more efficient save money: In addition to reducing the expense of repeated exports and imports customs clearing fees, tax and duty management costs may also be reduced.
  • Maintain the confidentiality of your personal information: By choosing the Neutral Delivery option, you may keep your invoices private from others.

What advantages do customers get from “On Demand Delivery”?


  • Providing customers with more power and more assurance: Customers now have the ability to customize their delivery service to their own preferences.
  • Increased security and increased international shopping: Customers are more likely to trust online merchants that provide them sight and control over their purchases. Global shops that provide visibility and monitoring alerts will see an increase in the number of international customers.

Do I need to have a DHL account to use “On Demand Delivery?”

You have the option of enrolling as an guest user, but completing the full membership will provide you with extra perks. As an idea, enrolled users are able to specify all prospective delivery options.

“On Demand Delivery” is a service that can be accessible through cellphones, tablets, and personal computers, and it provides recipients with up to six delivery alternatives.

Notifications to customers may be customized to include a shipper’s logo.

A link to “Manage your delivery” is provided in the Invoice confirmation email issued immediately the product ships.

Advice On Using DHL’s “On Demand Delivery” service

Account holders with an existing DHL ODD account should check their account settings to verify that their account is configured to make optimal use of the service.

You may improve your “On Demand Delivery” service by asking yourself the following questions:

  1. Is every one of your ODD delivery choices enabled?
  2. On your website, do you mention delivery notifications?
  3. Is a cell phone number required during checkout?
  4. Are you aware that your consumers have the opportunity to choose their preferred delivery method?

For further information about DHL’s ODD services, please contact your DHL account executive or one of the advisers at

Final Thoughts

To summarize, DHL “On Demand Delivery” allows online businesses like yourselves to give consumers with greater flexibility and visibility throughout the post-purchase path as eCommerce continues to grow. This guarantees that all stakeholders are kept up to date on the expected delivery dates and that the client experience is pleasant.