Date Published: July 27, 2023 – Date Updated: July 27, 2023

Customs clearance is an essential step in international shipping and can be a source of anxiety for both businesses and individual senders. One phrase you might encounter when shipping with DHL is “Customs have given DHL shipment a release status.”

Let’s break down what this means and its implications for your shipment.

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What is Customs Clearance?

Before diving into the specific status update, it’s important to understand the role of customs. When goods are shipped internationally, they must pass through customs in the destination country. Customs authorities inspect and evaluate shipments to ensure they meet all legal and regulatory requirements, which can include:

  1. Checking the correctness and completeness of documentation.
  2. Assessing any applicable duties and taxes.
  3. Ensuring the shipment doesn’t contain prohibited or restricted items.

The customs clearance process can vary in duration, depending on the nature of the goods and the accuracy of the accompanying paperwork.

The Meaning of “DHL shipment has been given a release status by customs”

When DHL provides the update that your “shipment has been given a release status by customs,” it signifies the following:

  1. Clearance Completed: The customs authorities have completed their inspection and review of the shipment. All necessary documentation was in order, no prohibited items were found, and any applicable duties and taxes have either been assessed and paid or deemed unnecessary.

  2. Ready for Delivery: With the release status, the shipment is now in DHL’s hands and is being processed for final delivery. This means that the package has passed the potentially most time-consuming hurdle and should soon be on its way to the recipient.

  3. No Further Customs Delays: The shipment won’t be held any longer for customs-related reasons. However, other delays can always occur, such as those due to weather, routing issues, or operational setbacks.

What To Do Next?

Upon seeing the “release status,” both senders and receivers can generally breathe a sigh of relief. However, to ensure a smooth delivery process from here:

  1. Track the Shipment: Use DHL’s tracking tools to monitor the package’s progress toward its destination.

  2. Prepare for Delivery: If you are the recipient, ensure someone is available to receive the package, especially if a signature is required.

  3. Payment of Duties and Taxes: If you’re responsible for any customs duties or taxes, ensure they are paid promptly. DHL might contact you directly if there’s an outstanding amount.

  4. Keep Documentation: Whether you’re the sender or the receiver, it’s a good idea to retain all shipping and customs documentation for your records.


The update “Customs have given DHL shipment a release status” is a positive sign in the international shipping process. While the customs clearance phase can be unpredictable and sometimes lengthy, this status indicates that your shipment has successfully navigated this stage and is one step closer to its destination.

Remember to stay informed, keep tracking your shipment, and ensure all obligations are fulfilled to experience a hassle-free delivery.

FAQs on DHL shipment has been given a release status by customs

Q: What does it mean shipment has been given a release status by customs?
A: A: When customs give a shipment a release status, it indicates that the customs authority has reviewed and approved your international package. This means it has passed the customs inspection and is now ready for onward delivery or the next phase of its transit.

Q: What is the status of DHL custom clearance?
A: A: “Shipment picked up” indicates that DHL has collected the package. “Customs clearance status updated” means the parcel has either cleared customs or is in the clearance process.

Q: What does pending customs release mean?
A: A: A ‘Pending customs release’ status signifies that the package is awaiting clearance from customs. Typically, customs will contact the recipient regarding any required duties or taxes that need to be paid before releasing the shipment for delivery.

Q: How do I know if my parcel has cleared customs?
A: A: To determine if your parcel has cleared customs, you can contact the courier responsible for your shipment and provide them with your tracking number. They can then update you on the parcel’s status and any potential customs-related issues.

Q: How long can customs hold a shipment?
A: A: While customs can retain a shipment indefinitely, most shipments are released within 30-45 days. However, this duration can vary based on the volume of shipments customs is processing at any given time.